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2007-07-22 21:16:59 by Strykor

Well... I just got back from Otakon this weekend, and see that Newgrounds got quite a facelift. I'm impressed, and being able to make news/blog posts here is an interesting idea.

Saw the results for the Rock Out contest, Metal Freaks Zero didn't even get a mention. Can't blame anyone but myself there, it's frustrating that I worked so hard on it and it ends up getting the lowest score of all my games. It will probably be the last game of the Metal Freaks series, I really need to either move on to something different or give up on Flash entirely. I'm not the kind to give up though... but i've been so busy this summer that I just don't have the time that I need for this anymore.

But yeah, i'm exhausted. Thanks for reading and I hope you've enjoyed my games up until now.


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2007-09-28 21:10:25

thanks for reading my post i love the game and there were some things in the newer game that i liked. The look of the new game is much nicer this time around only thing is the way the 5th button is being used now is wierd. As a full on button 5 is to many but the way it was before was fricken ill. I know you seen this before but uh... not everyones a crazed metal fan lol


2007-10-03 21:35:54

YOOOOO YOU CANT BE SERIOUS MAN I LOVE THE GAME LOVEEEEEEEEEEE THEM TO DEATH UR MY DAM FAVOURITE AUTHORRR. ask around with peopole who play ur games get advice on how to make it better use the same template as the last game and make a couple tweaks to make it the sick game it coulda been! few more songs and ur set!


2007-11-28 22:01:28

That the game release was a Beta, it's no surprise.


2008-03-21 23:36:16

you brought in great games u should make a nother one.


2008-03-26 19:33:31

please dont stop making metal freaks games please!!!!


2008-08-09 05:52:07

when is metalfreaks v coming out?


2008-10-10 21:42:08

Hey I Like The Metal Series I Hope You Make More (A Little More Death Metal plz)
Ive Downloaded All The Metal You Made And Im Still Trying To Get The High Score
:D I Have Managed To Get Over 350 Note Combo On Dunes(Med/Yellow)
I Wouldnt Mind More (One After Another Notes, More Than Doubles And Triples)
Because Thats Just To Tedious But I'll Manage :D Thank You For Reading This!!!!